why choose jhT?

some good reasons to choose jhTuppeny Consulting for your project

We understand that flexibility is often the key to successful software. Many developers insist on having a point-by-point specification before they start. Often it’s simply not possible to know exactly what’s needed up-front and the software needs to evolve as it’s being built. This means that you can make decisions about a piece of software based on the experience of actually having used it.

cost effectiveness
Unlike hiring a contractor to come and develop software on your site we only charge for the time we actually spend working on your project. If you want to take some time trying out your software before adding more features you won’t be paying for wasted time.

quality of service
When you work with jhTuppeny Consulting you’re always dealing with a person to whom your business actually matters.

Many developers retain source code or crucial passwords so that you have to return to them for any future changes or developments to your software. We believe that if a customer is paying to have software written they should own it at the end of the project. If they decide to come back to us for modifications, it should be because we’ve done a good job, not because their hands have been tied.

software that people can use
We see the importance of considering the end user when creating software. Many bespoke applications are difficult to use and look dreadful. Our software works well and looks professional. We make the effort to understand how your users need the software to work for them and we take the time to ensure that our software is well designed.

breadth of experience
We understand people’s businesses and the business problems that bespoke software must solve. That’s because we take the time to understand the business issues and take a interactive role in designing the solution. Many software developers only work with the programming portion of a project. We can handle a whole project from initial briefing and progress meetings through to installation.

on-going commitment
If you hire a contractor to develop your software, they’ll disappear at the end of the project. We’ll still be around to add new features or make changes.

london based
We’re located just south of London so if you’re in London or the South East we’re easily on hand for face-to-face meetings and on-site visits.

If you have a project in mind, or if you’d just like to discuss your requirements, please get in touch.

Email: or call 0800 458 0439