brief descriptions of some projects

british american tobacco
This database project was based around the collation of marketing data from across the world into a single reporting tool. Each market supplies its information by filling out a spreadsheet based form.
The data from these spreadsheets is imported into a central Access database which generates reports and calculations based on the accumulated data.

walt disney
This database project involved the tracking of Disney’s promotional activities across its markets in Europe and the Middle East. The user interface and programming was created in Access with the data held in a SQL Server database networked across the international offices.
A major aspect of this system is the ability to generate ‘calendar view’ spreadsheets showing an overview of the activity across markets and time.

barclays bank plc
Developed in Excel, this project involved the creation of a three-tier series of spreadsheets for tracking performance targets across branches, regions and nationally. Each tier of sheets would collect data from the import of data from a lower tier along with the addition of data relating to that area.
The system provided the ability to view performance from a national summary down to an individual branch’s detail.

hampden group
The structure of this group of companies meant that generating accounts for the whole group or subset of companies was a difficult process.
This Access database project imported accounting data from each of the 30+ companies in the group and then generated balance sheets, P&Ls and other accounting reports based on data. Using this software it is possible to choose which companies to include over the selected period and also apply a whole range of options to the reports. The reports themselves where generated in Excel and where completely formatted in the Hampden accounts style ready for printing.

bt/turner townsend
Turner Townsend were managing a project to upgrade BT’s infrastructure. The scale and complexity of this project required data to be collated from a large number of sites and reported on weekly and monthly.
This project used an Access database to import the data from the sites and then generate Excel based reports for the selected periods and geographical areas.

bds beechwood
Developed for BDS Beechwood advertising agency on behalf of one of their clients, this project entailed building a series of templates in Microsoft word that would prompt the user to provide relevant data and then generate a particular format of document based on the input.
Although Word is a less common vehicle for extended programming, this project shows that there are possibilities to automate tasks and control consistency.

oc&c strategy
There are occasions when even a database can’t provide the answers!
OC&C’s customer database allows them to track and organise their companies’ relationships with great flexibility and power. It is based on a SQL Server database with an Access front end application. The relationships tracked in the database are very complex and generating results for certain tasks had become impossible.
We added some additional programming to enhance the interface and provide solutions for the tasks which standard database programming alone couldn’t solve.

Tellabs makes hardware for the telecommunications industry. In order to test their equipment and provide reports for their customers, they have to analyse a large amount of data.
The application that we developed imports the raw test data into an Access database which performs a series of complex calculations based on a large number of user settings. The database then generates a wide range of charts and tables in Excel which the user can control. Finally, fully-formatted reports are created in Word which contain data extracted from the database and the charts that were created in Excel.

This is a start-to-finish application that shows how raw data can be turned into finished reports using the Microsoft Office suite of applications.

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taylor woodrow
Sometimes it simply isn’t possible to use a database, even when the business task requires it. Taylor Woodrow needed a tool developed in Excel that would deliver the kind of functionality usually only found in database systems.

The tool that we developed works like a standard spreadsheet for the users but behind the scenes a powerful engine of programmed functionality processes the data to give the required results.

marks and spencer
This was a development and maintenance project for a spreadsheet tool being used my many individuals across the UK involved in the store’s refitting programme. An automatic update package was used to apply the changes required to all of the individual sheets in different locations.

dewhirst group
Dewhirst, a major garment manufacturer, needed a tool to allow there sales force to work independently, but provide data for the central database in a consistent format.
We developed an Excel based application with many automated user-interface features to make using the tool straightforward and flexible whilst maintaining control over the structure and content of the data. Like many projects that we have worked on, this has evolved over time and new features are added in response to user feedback and the demands of the business.

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royal pharmaceutical society
When the society decided to take it’s annual registration process in-house, a piece of software was needed to allow the data collected from the registration forms to be entered into the main database rapidly.

The software was designed to use bar-code scanning in conjunction with the smallest possible amount of user input to generate data files that could then be loaded into the central database. This project employed an Access database with a Visual Basic user interface.

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